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[Who: ???? ]
[When: Sunday night]
[Where: Number 12 Grimmauld Place]

She had been instructed to be as careful as possible. To bide her time, to orientate herself with her surroundings (which was difficult because of that stupid charm) and to stay as close to the target as possible. She was accustomed to staying in one place for an extended period of time. That was usually done to get the scoop, but now Rita Skeeter was having it done to engineer the apocalypse.

Of course, Rita wasn't doing this of her own volition. Her contacts in the Death Eaters, those she went to only to get the latest scoops on their activities after their dreadful deeds had been done, had betrayed her and her animagus abilities: which were of vital importance to the Dark Lord and this mission. Under the thrall of the Imperius Curse, Rita was planted on that smarmy little brat Perks the moment she re-entered Voldemort's labyrinth. As he had predicted, Snape was giving her his own instructions, and as predicted, she would lead them to the Order and the book.

So Snape was a traitor. Well that didn't concern Rita. In fact, nothing concerned Rita. She had her instructions, and as long as she followed them, she would remain in a state of hollowed-out bliss. That meant withstanding the disorienting feeling of being in a house that didn't exist, thanks to the damned Fidelius Charm. Though she was in it, she still wasn't privy to the Secret. It should have drove her batty, but her animagus form and the effects of the Imperius protected her from that much.

Rita had had to do a fair bit of hopping around. From Perks onto the pregnant woman, onto the old man and back to the pregnant woman as she slipped the book into a case in the washroom. Before she left and sealed the room, Rita dropped off and found a home inside a tiny crack in the wall. There she stayed for almost a full day, until she was sure nobody else would enter. Now it was the time to act.

With a whirl of robes, Rita returned to her human state and was immediately bombarded with feelings of vertigo. The house was there, and yet it wasn't. The floor was holding her up, and yet nothing was. Rita didn't feel too bad, because she was being told what to feel and how to act, but this was still disconcerting.

Her hand shot out and snatched the book from the shelf. Using her wand she cast a simple dispelling charm against the book and whatever tracing spells were on it, just to confuse it long enough to give her a head-start. Her wand then pointed toward the wall. "REDUCTO!" she yelled, blowing a hole through the wall the side of a small window. Then Rita transformed again, taking the book within her new form and skittered out into the darkness. She'd be chased, but by the time they knew what they were looking for, it'd be too late.

And then the permanent darkness would come.
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