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Announcement through the journal net and sent to the Prophet and other news agencies

Your Ministry has failed you. Utterly.

Your heroes have failed you. Miserably.

In my hands I now have the means to destroy what makes our world less than what it should be. Those who continue to bring in their Muggle influences into what should be a pristine and pure culture of magic will now have nowhere to turn. Nothing to look forward to, save death.

May 19th, 1998 is a day that will live in infamy, yet what I wrought on that day will pale in comparison to the coming storm. The carnage. The culling.

Every half-blood, Mudblood and Squib born in the last fifty years will perish.

There is no negotiation, no bargaining, and no hope. You now know my power. You know I am capable of this. The only thing left for you is to prepare.

Those who are worthy, those who will be spared my wrath must prepare for the coming of a new world. First Great Britain will be cleansed, and then the world.

It is coming, and it will come soon. Nothing can stop it. Prepare for death, and prepare for new life.

And it shall be done, for I am Lord Voldemort.
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