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[Who: The Professors of Hogwarts]
[Where: Headmistress' Office]
[When: After Supper around... 8ish]
[Why: Uh.. cause students are dropping like flies?]

If the words being passed about on the journal network were disheartening, they were nothing compared to the actions of the students, especially the younger ones. Tears had taken over the day, cries of worrying that tore at Minerva's heart. Madam Pomfrey was getting so many students coming in with panic attacks, her stores on Calming Draughts had dwindled. Students were breaking rules everywhere, skipping classes and just lounging around, waiting for death.

Then there was the cases of fighting and harassment on both sides of the Muggleborn pure-blood divide. Especially with Slytherin House, Minerva had to insert herself to diffuse tensions that were getting dangerously close to completely boiling over.

The real problem were the students being pulled from the school. It seemed like every hour more were being pulled. It was getting so that there was little point in running the school as it was.

Minerva had already contacted the board of governors. There was nothing left but to go through this with the rest of the Professors as well. And so, she turned to all of them and looked at them all sternly.

"Well, you know what the situation is. What are your feelings?"
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