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The Daily Prophet

Extensive Coverage of the Coming End Storm.

The Minister's Response is barely heard and hardly seen. The Minister of Magic, Rufus Scrimgeour, has been most active in coordinating efforts between the Department of Magical Defense and the Ministries of other European countries and even the West for aid when it came to the monumental task of finding You-Know-Who.

Yet the expert this reporter spoke to, Dr. Italus Jove, claimed the task was all but impossible.

"If I were Lord [name deleted], I would have put my location under the Fidelius Charm and make myself Secret Keeper. As such, it'd be impossible to locate me, even if they found and tortured all of my followers, it would be futile. You could only get the location from me. And since I'm completely protected, it would be practically impossible for anyone to find me."

"In other words," Dr. Jove, an expert and historian on Dark Wizards, continued, "there is nothing the Ministry can do to find and stop Lord [name deleted]."

Don't expect the Ministry to agree to this sentiment.

"We're still out there, doing our jobs, aren't we?" said Stjepan Pero, an Auror. "How about you get out of our way and let us do this job. Let us stop this monster before it's too late."

Civil Unrest seems to be another heavy issue, since You-Know-Who's proclamation. The Ministry of Magic has been working extremely hard on keeping calm in the Wizarding World. Small riots, looting, violence and vandalism has broken out in Hogsmeade, Diagon Alley, and other hot spots for wizards. Many stores in Knockturn Alley have been turned completely upside-down in the carnage.

"They came to burn my shoppe, as if it'd do them any good," said Mr. Borgin of Borgin and Burkes. "Stupid [expletive deleted]. If you ask me they deserve what's coming to them."

Of course most people believe the crowds and mobs have every reason to panic, despite official word from the Ministry begging them to do otherwise. We spoke to a woman named Carlene, who had joined a crowd as they demonstrated before Aurors barring entrance into Knockturn Alley.

"They're telling us we're going to die. They're telling us me and my family, my baby, we're all going to die. We see a cloud in the sky and we panic. What are we supposed to do? They can't do anything to help us, can they?"

St. Mungo's has been inundated by patients coming in with serious injuries and panic attacks. Even their stores on Calming Draught appears to be waning. The Ministry is providing emergency aid.

Some Pure-bloods have complained about an all-time high of prejudice and scrutiny. It has been reported that even the Edgecombes, who lost their matron in the first Storm, have been searched and interrogated by the Ministry with regards to Lord Thingy's location.

"We have to follow all leads," said Flavia Filomena, an Auror working on the case.

The Malfoy Mansion has been put under extreme scrutiny. Aurors practically walk in and out of the house at will, and their activity has spread to their neighbours. Affluent families such as the Parkinsons and the Zabinis have also complained of such activity.

"This is a great travesty of justice!" said Mrs. Zabini. "My friends and family are being treated like criminals, our civil rights are being uprooted, our lives disrupted just because we happen to have been born pure? Nonsense! This is the double-standard that we have been complaining about for years. My son has told me about what was said to him at school, how he's been treated just because he's a pure-blood. As if he's got the Dark Mark tattooed all over his body. I say enough is enough!"

Arthur Weasley, also from an old pure-blood family, had this to say on the subject.

"No one should have their civil rights abused simply on the matter of their birth. However... I think we all have a responsibility to bear if this terrible thing comes to pass. I'm sorry, I have to go. My job has never been busier, or more important."

Counterfeit Spells and Protective Objects and the people who peddle them is Arthur Weasley's job, and it's become more important, yes. Reports of underground bunkers and shelters being sold to families as a way of protecting themselves from the Storm has shot up hundreds of percentiles. So has shoddy implementation of Unplottable and Fidelius Charms, all in an effort to stay the hand of death. Experts say that these efforts are also futile.

"What people have to understand is that this spell is essentially the Killing Curse, and the Killing Curse is unblockable. No manner of protective magic will deflect the curse," said Aulus Valerian, an Unspeakable. "As well, evidence from the last attack showed the spell being able to penetrate several basements, and there is no evidence to show that an underground bunker will provide a safe refuge. The magic used to kill tens of hundreds will be significantly more powerful than the magic used to kill forty. My recommendation is to enjoy the lovely weather above ground when it happens. We know there'll be no rain."

Weasley's Wizarding Wheezes has been investigated for selling items that would "Protect against the Second Storm" though no evidence of this being true has surfaced. The proprietors have vehemently denied doing such a thing and say that they will appeal the decision. Arthur Weasley wasn't available for contact on this issue.

As well, the sale and use of mirrors in an attempt to deflect the curse has skyrocketed. "Mirrored Armour" has been selling in droves from a shoppe hastily set up in Diagon Alley. Already two cases of serious lacerations from people who, while wearing the armour, have taken small falls, have been reported at St. Mungos.

"It's worth the risk," said Martha Vita, a woman who plans to buy armour for everyone she knows. "A mirror at the right angle can deflect the Killing Curse. Better to be alive to suffer a few cuts and years of bad luck than certain death."

"Not true," says Madam Valerian.

"Yes, the Killing Curse can in certain cases be deflected by inanimate objects, but a deflected spell needs somewhere to go. In a room full of this ridiculous armour, it wouldn't be surprising to see a deflected Killing Curse come right back at you. And there is strong evidence to say that the Killing Curse can only be deflected once."

This doesn't seem to deter many, as sales of Mirror Armour and other Mirror devices continue to rise.

What will the new world be like, many ask. Devastating, says our expert.

"Not excluding those over fifty, Muggleborns, half-bloods and Squibs roughly make up sixty percent of the wizarding population in Great Britain. The sudden loss of even 15% of our population will constitute a catastrophic socio-economic disaster. It will be impossible for our world to continue as we know it."

Dr. Jove claims that all aspects of our society will change. Sports events will be canceled, schools will have to be retooled completely, shops will close and the Ministry will essentially be gutted. And then there's the effect on the large number of mixed families present in Great Britain.

"I'll be one of those half-bloods still alive at the end of this, as I'm turning sixty in the summer," Dr. Jove said, "But I can tell you a society populated with only people like me and pure-bloods will have a very difficult time managing."

It'll also make conquering the Ministry and eventually Great Britain easy for You-Know-Who, he added.

"After this goes through, it'll only be a matter of time for the rest of us. Then this society will crumble. Lord [Name deleted] is the greatest threat to magic that has ever existed."

Stay glued to Daily Prophet coverage of this Earth Changing Event: The Second Storm. -- DP: Latest on Diagon Alley disturbances: Auror forces have now sent an extra contingent to put an end to the violence. -- Vigil for Peace planned for Hogsmeade town square Thursday evening. -- MoM Rufus Scrimgeour encourages peace and calm in this time of turmoil -- American, Spanish and French Seers contacted to aid the Divination community in finding You-Know-Who -- Death Eater reveling stopped by Aurors and unknown civilians in South London, 12 arrested. -- 2 heavily injured from lacerations resulting from improper use of Mirror Armour: Ministry cracking down on sellers -- Muggle Weasthersticians predicted to blame the coming storm on El Nina - Ministries efforts with other foreign Ministries to maintain Secrecy ongoing -- Breaking News Dark cloud reported in the sky stretching the entirety of the U.K. - Ministry reports that the second storm has begun. - Ministry out in force to keep peace as storm begins. -- Update: Reports tell of the Storm's progression worsening. Flashes in the clouds can now be seen. Minster of Magic said to be preparing words for those who are in their final hours. - Stay glued to Daily Prophet coverage of this Earth Changing Event: The Second Storm -- The Daily Prophet: The news you need to know before you die --
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