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[Who: Severus Snape. Various Death Eaters]
[When: A good few hours into Le Storm]
[Where: Fidelius Charm prevents me from saying]
[Why: Cause he gotta.]

When Lord Voldemort retired to the lowest level of the labyrinth, Snape too retired to his room to begin the long process of waiting. It was not an easy thing for Snape to do. Snape was always a thinker, a man who spent his time working on something, contemplating, planning. Not waiting. Never waiting. Still, this was all Snape had left to do. The time for thoughts was over. The monumental task of waiting with hands folded over a desk and waiting for time to pass.

The silence was deafening. No, not silence. When Snape closed his eyes he could hear the ticking of the clock on the wall, the skittering of roaches against the stone floor, the crackling of the fireplace, the soft rustling of the blank parchment stacked on a corner of his desk. It was far from silent. The only silence was in his mind. Yet there was no peace to be found there.

After an amount of time passed - he couldn't tell how long - he rose from his desk, wood of the chair scratching hard against the stone floor, and moved to his bed. There he sat, and folded his hands together once again, and brought them up to his chin. In a position like this, countless times in the past, his mind would have raced with thoughts. Not this time.

Sitting there, Severus closed his eyes once again and this time concentrated only on the sound of his own breathing. Slowly but surely, all the rest of the sounds of the room, the underground laboratory, the world faded away. One. Two. Three. Fo-

He was counting his breaths. He should put a stop to that.


The ground shook. Very slightly, almost imperceptibly. So, Voldemort had begun.


An unknown amount of time had passed. The door to his room shook with the effort of someone trying to enter it, and Snape immediately looked up. He stood, just as the door opened and Mulciber entered.

"Locking the door, Sevvy? Don't tell me your fans are getting rowdy?"

Snape frowned and glowered at the other Death Eater. "What do you want?"

Mulciber didn't seem phased at all by Snape's demeanour. He leaned against the entrance way and flicked dust off of his robes. "I'm just checking in on everyone. You should see the clouds, Snape. They actually look meaner than the last time. Most likely because we know what's going to happen, isn't it?" He smirked and added, "But at least you don't have to feel guilty about killing children. No one can accuse the Dark Lord of not being an equal-opportunity mass-murderer."

As Mulciber laughed, Snape looked to the ground. His eyes narrowed.

"Not completely."

"What?" Mulciber said, leaning off the entrance way and looking disturbed. "Don't tell me you actually feel sorry for those losers? "

Snape looked up from the floor and turned his dark eyes on Mulciber. Mulciber was quick-witted man, so he could see what was coming, but he had not chance to do anything. A blur, Snape's drew a wand from his robes and flicked it in Mulciber's direction. He froze in mid-air, unable to speak or to move and to make a single sound.

"A bit of news for you, old friend," Snape said, stepping close. "I am one of those losers."

He flicked his his wand again. Mulciber stiffened and crumpled to the floor. Snape glided up to him, pushed him up against a corner of the room, and exited.

Locking the door silently as he went, Severus Snape disappeared down the dark corridor.
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Snape new every inch of the underground compound where the Death Eaters would hide until the storm clouds dispersed. Navigating through it was a simple enough matter.

Past the pillar room and into the long, curved and stairway that lead to the outside, this would lead to another corridor that would lead outside. Snape had hoped for no one else to be there. He had planned for otherwise, and 'otherwise' was what happened. The first he would encounter was the old man.

"And where are you off to in such a hurry, Severus?" Rookwood cooed, rubbing curiously at his chin.

Snape slowed down just a little, but he didn't stop moving, and so Rookwood turned to keep up with him. "And what makes you suppose I'm in any hurry, Augustus?" Snape murmured.

"The Dark Lord commanded us all to stay within until he's finished," Rookwood said, leering slightly. "You wouldn't want to disobey him now, would you?"

"The Dark Lord is too busy to do anything about it," Snape said with a sneer. He saw the look of alarm on Rookwood's face and added, "A poor attempt at humour. It is a joyous occasion, is it not?" The old man frowned, so Snape finished by saying, "I simply want to see it happen."

Rookwood reached out and grabbed at Snape's sleeve. "I know what you are, and I'm not the only one."

Snape froze. He glanced back at the old man, who smiled.

"Stay inside. Trust the Dark Lord, it'll end well for you."

Rookwood increased his grip on Snape's sleeve. Snape narrowed his eyes and stared into the older Death Eater, who stared back unabashed.

"You're no fool, Rookwood. So then don't believe I'm so easily fooled myself."

Rookwood narrowed his own eyes and stared for another second into Snape's eyes, and then made a sudden movement in his robes. Again, Snape was too fast. Snape's wand flashed, and Rookwood was slumped against the side of the of the hallway. Behind him a high-pitched scream was loosed. Snape turned to see Alecto Carrows crying bloody murder and pulling out her own wand. Snape flashed again, and Alecto hit the ground.

Now it was the time to hurry the pace. Snape practically flew by Alecto's unconscious form and up the stairs. He heard noises behind him and so pointed his wand at the ceiling at the base of the stairs. Light flashed and there was a loud rumbling as the ceiling caved-in, blocking the stairway.

With that, Snape rushed up, knowing that it wouldn't remain to be this easy.
And of course, it wouldn't be. In the final hallway, Snape rushed forward and stopped when he had the feeling of being watched. Turning, he saw Wormtail step out behind him.

"What's going on downstairs?"

Snape didn't pause to chat. He raised his wand again. Wormtail was, however, quicker than most of the others. He deflected Snape's first curse with his silver hand, and quickly drew and fired a hex back. Snape was barely able to deflect it, as the spell grazed his shoulder, causing his robes and flesh to burn. Snape shot at him again, and ran down the corridor and almost ran into the impressive form of Fenrir Greyback.

"So it's true, you are a turncoat! GRAAAH!" Fenrir rushed at him with blinding speed. Snape twisted his wand, caught Fenrir in mid-air with invisible forces, turned and hurled him into Wormtail, who was in the middle of a spell. The two connected and flew through the room and into the stairway. Snape caved it in around them and turned to leave.

Suddenly his neck felt like it was on fire. Like scalding hot water had been dripped on it. He felt his knees buckle and his wand hand tremble violently. Knowing that he had been poisoned, Snape went into his robes, pulled out a vial and downed the most potent antidote he had prepared. It kept him on his feet, but only just. Dark eyes searching the ground found the culprit. A runespoor slithered away into a crack in the floor, all three heads hissing gleefully. Who could have summoned-

"You do not surprise me, Severus," a hissing voice from what seemed to be the very air echoed. "You severely disappoint me, but I am not surprised."

Snape gasped as pain ran through his body. "You are supposed to be busy," he groaned, "destroying the world."

"And so I am, otherwise I would deal with you personally. But don't think I didn't prepare for the day you would finally turn on me, Severus. And though I expected this, I also expected better. You had such potential."

"You planned on killing me off from the beginning. Forgive me, Master, if I do not understand your vision," Snape gasped. "Nor do I seek to!"

Behind him, the cave-in was being removed. Snape knew that the Dark Lord was trying to keep him here with his talking, and he couldn't fall for it. He had to keep moving.
Spells were firing from behind him, and his heart was pounding irregularly in his chest. Snape had to move fast. He reached the entrance way and pointed his wand at it. The doors burst forward and Snape rushed through the opening to an outside, where the sky was covered by a dark cloud back-lit with a green light.


Indeed. If Lestrange had not said the incantation aloud, he might have been completely cut off guard. As it were, Snape reacted on instinct alone and cast a spell at the ground to cause a large pillar to jut up and shatter in the impact of the Killing Curse. Bellatrix Lestrange rounded, taunting him.

"Traitor!" Bellatrix screamed. "How could you? Simply because your half-blood? Think of the bigger picture, Snape!"

"I have," Snape growled, tossing at spell at her. Though he was outside, he still had yards to go before he could Disapparate. He must keep moving. Bellatrix was not getting out of his way.

Bellatrix deflected his efforts, though now without a little trying of her own. "Selfish brat! You're just like the rest of them, aren't you? Filthy, deserving of death. And to think I was almost able to look past you and your slut of a mother-"

Snape's face was completely covered by his dark curtain of hair, so it can't be said what he looked like at the moment. Annoyed would probably be the best description. His wand flashed and something like a shining flail came forth and whipped at Lestrange. Again and again and again.

Rocked by Snape's charge, Bellatrix was barely able to deflect his magic whipping at him. Bellatrix had seen her share of Snape's unique brand of magic, but this was new, more powerful than she had experienced before. She was barely able to keep on her feet. In fact, she wasn't able to. The last charge knocked her to her backside, where she gave Snape the meanest most hateful look she could manage.

For a moment, Snape's mission was forgotten. He could simply have ran to the Apparition point and forgotten about Lestrange and the others. But Snape only needed another second. Just one more to bring this dog to heel. He raised his wand again-

The attack came quickly, and from behind. Snape turned and made to slash his wand, but Wormtail's silver hand took a hold of his in a crushing grip. Then from behind he felt the most painful burning he had ever felt. Piercing through his back and through his chest.

Bellatrix was grinning and pushing herself up behind Snape, pushing her brightly glowing wand through his back like a knife. "I learned this from a friend of yours. Former friend? Much more personal, I think," she whispered into his ear.

Wedged in between two of who might have been the most dangerous Death Eaters living, Snape wasn't just trapped. He could feel his body break...something inside him snap horribly. The poison that continued to run through his body seemed to gain renewed strength, and every beat of his heart was different from the last. Blood leaked out from between his lips.

While still in Wormtail's grip, Snape slowly turned his broken hand and flicked the wand just so. Two snakes shot up from the ground and bit at Wormtail and Bellatrix's face. The two of them jumped away from him, clawing at their faces. Once again, Snape turned, drawing his wand through the air in a horizontal arc, blasting them away from him.

Snape wavered slightly on his feet and looked up into the clouds that blotted out all the light from the sky. Just for a moment, the world seemed to stand perfectly still. Not even the beating of his heart, the blood rushing between the ears, nothing could be heard. It was just him and the darkness.


A stay spell from the inside of the compound just missed him, and it was enough to snap Severus out of it. Ignoring the pain, Snape ran, deflecting Summoning Charms, dodging Stunners and worse, and as soon as he reached the edge of the anti-apparition ward, he disappeared with a sharp crack.