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[Who: Severus Snape. Various Death Eaters]
[When: A good few hours into Le Storm]
[Where: Fidelius Charm prevents me from saying]
[Why: Cause he gotta.]

When Lord Voldemort retired to the lowest level of the labyrinth, Snape too retired to his room to begin the long process of waiting. It was not an easy thing for Snape to do. Snape was always a thinker, a man who spent his time working on something, contemplating, planning. Not waiting. Never waiting. Still, this was all Snape had left to do. The time for thoughts was over. The monumental task of waiting with hands folded over a desk and waiting for time to pass.

The silence was deafening. No, not silence. When Snape closed his eyes he could hear the ticking of the clock on the wall, the skittering of roaches against the stone floor, the crackling of the fireplace, the soft rustling of the blank parchment stacked on a corner of his desk. It was far from silent. The only silence was in his mind. Yet there was no peace to be found there.

After an amount of time passed - he couldn't tell how long - he rose from his desk, wood of the chair scratching hard against the stone floor, and moved to his bed. There he sat, and folded his hands together once again, and brought them up to his chin. In a position like this, countless times in the past, his mind would have raced with thoughts. Not this time.

Sitting there, Severus closed his eyes once again and this time concentrated only on the sound of his own breathing. Slowly but surely, all the rest of the sounds of the room, the underground laboratory, the world faded away. One. Two. Three. Fo-

He was counting his breaths. He should put a stop to that.


The ground shook. Very slightly, almost imperceptibly. So, Voldemort had begun.


An unknown amount of time had passed. The door to his room shook with the effort of someone trying to enter it, and Snape immediately looked up. He stood, just as the door opened and Mulciber entered.

"Locking the door, Sevvy? Don't tell me your fans are getting rowdy?"

Snape frowned and glowered at the other Death Eater. "What do you want?"

Mulciber didn't seem phased at all by Snape's demeanour. He leaned against the entrance way and flicked dust off of his robes. "I'm just checking in on everyone. You should see the clouds, Snape. They actually look meaner than the last time. Most likely because we know what's going to happen, isn't it?" He smirked and added, "But at least you don't have to feel guilty about killing children. No one can accuse the Dark Lord of not being an equal-opportunity mass-murderer."

As Mulciber laughed, Snape looked to the ground. His eyes narrowed.

"Not completely."

"What?" Mulciber said, leaning off the entrance way and looking disturbed. "Don't tell me you actually feel sorry for those losers? "

Snape looked up from the floor and turned his dark eyes on Mulciber. Mulciber was quick-witted man, so he could see what was coming, but he had not chance to do anything. A blur, Snape's drew a wand from his robes and flicked it in Mulciber's direction. He froze in mid-air, unable to speak or to move and to make a single sound.

"A bit of news for you, old friend," Snape said, stepping close. "I am one of those losers."

He flicked his his wand again. Mulciber stiffened and crumpled to the floor. Snape glided up to him, pushed him up against a corner of the room, and exited.

Locking the door silently as he went, Severus Snape disappeared down the dark corridor.
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