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[Who: Severus Snape.]
[When: Right after his escape]
[Where: Fidelius Charm prevents me from saying]

Snape Apparated clumsily into the middle of Hogsmeade and immediately fell to the ground, flat on his face. He didn't have to worry about embarrassing himself, as it seemed Hogsmeade was completely deserted. So there was no shame in lying on the ground as blood came from his wound in the back with every heartbeat. Bellatrix's curse had done real damage, he could tell this. Coupled with the poison, no simple healing charm would aid him. He needed real help. He needed to get to St. Mungo's.

With a grunt and great effort, Snape pushed himself shakily off of the ground and to his knees. Then with another effort, he rose to his feet and started forward; to a small inn on a side street off the main road. Snape pushed open the door, finding it wasn't locked and shambled over to the bartender, who was simply sitting and listening to the wireless. A tall and thin old man, with a shadow of resemblance to his much celebrated brother.

"I had a feeling you'd still be open," Snape said weakly, grasping on to the bar for support. Aberforth turned to him and sniffed loudly.

"Of course. Why'd I ever close? And I knew you'd be coming around."

Snape blinked and stared. "You did?"

"Sure," Aberforth said, "He told me. Didn't you know? Told me wherever you went, you'd come on back here in the end."

Snape stared wordlessly for a moment. Was he still being used? Even now? Even with Albus Dumbledore gone? No... there was no time to worry about such things. It was pointless anyway.

"Take me to Order Headqu-"

"Yeah, yeah," Aberforth said, stepping around from his bar and moving to Snape's side, throwing an arm around his shoulders to support him. "Ready?"

Snape thought it best to respond with just a nod. Aberforth stepped forward and disapparated with a loud pop.
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