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For all characters fighting in this battle

[Who: Everyone who wants to be there]
[When: Several minutes after this meeting
[Where: Ask Harry Potter]
[Rated: R for... er, climactic battle]

The Death Eaters that Severus Snape incapacitated during his escape were revived and were annoyed and disturbed when they learned of his flight. Not all the Death Eaters were. Bellatrix Lestrange wasn't surprised. Wormtail wasn't surprised. Greyback respected but never trusted the man for being too clever. Mulciber was probably the most hurt by the betrayal, that is, until he learned that Snape was a half-blood. Then it all made sense. It meant that wherever Snape was recovering, if he was recovering at all, his time was numbered.

Above, the dark cloud that covered the entire country rumbled violently, sparking and shining with green light. Very soon Voldemort's spell would be completed and hell for the freaks of the wizarding world would be unleashed. Some Death Eaters had come outside to watch the show. Purebloods and fooled half-bloods alike, watching with great anticipation. They saw the skies, but they saw something else. A rain of spells.

Multicoloured shots of light rained down at them, taking down four of them instantly. Some managed to shield themselves and they cried out for help, and soon Death Eaters were pouring into the clearing. Above, the hail of spells continued, and now they could clearly see wizards, scores and scores of wizards flying and hurling spells on them from the air. Many of those wizards were either landing or jumping to the ground. Around them, more wizards were coming out of the forests, and Apparating out of thin air. The compound was emptied out by Death Eaters ready to respond with deadly force.

This was impossible, of course. Where had they come from? The Dark Lord had kept this location under the effect of the Fidelius Charm. No one was to know they were there, and with the Dark Lord as Secret Keeper, betrayal was impossible. So how was this happening?

"Hey," Avery murmured, ducking a spell and shooting out another one, which was deflected almost right at him. It was so dark, most of the light was coming from wands and the spells they cast, but a pair of round glasses were shining bright enough for him to identify. "What the-"

A slash of red light caught him right between the eyes, knocking him right off of his feet. Harry Potter, covered in his Invisibility Cloak, rushed on past him and toward the entrance, slashing and casting blindly as he went.

As he rushed in, Harry recalled the words he had given to the others. How he just needed to be covered while he went inside. To make as much noise to draw them all out to defend Voldemort. He'd sneak in and take care of him himself. If he could. He also told them to stay alive, and that whatever happened... well...

...that part wasn't so easy to relay.

So Harry stole his way into what he hoped was Voldemort's final hiding place as battle raged around him.
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