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Backdated to a day after the final battle.



You-Know-Who* is no more!

Wizarding World keeping fingers crossed over Dramatic turn around: End of the world becomes New Beginning.


It came out of the blue.

At least it would have if there were blue skies, or even light in any other colour but green. So perhaps, "it came out of the green" would have been more appropriate.

Reports of wizards Disapparating and wizards flying through the sky all in the same direction in the late hours of June 11th made people curious. The reported gathering at the atrium of the Ministry of Magic made people think. The continuing darkness of the clouds made people despair and the disappearing clouds and starry sky of the clear night made people rejoice. It also made us ask, how? How did this happen?

The truth is that the Ministry of Magic made one last stab at defeating You-Know-Who* with all available Auror forces. It was a joint operation, lead by former Auror and Minister of Magic himself, Rufus Scrimgeour and the Boy-Who-Lived, Harry Potter. Harry Potter had brought along a task force of his own. A group of wizards of all ages who have been dubbed soldiers in the late great Albus Dumbledore's personal army: the Order of the Phoenix. How long these wizards and their secret militia have been in effect is anyone's guess, but reports have it they might have been established since the First War against You-Know-Who*

Following information somehow retrieved by Harry Potter, they hurried on to Wales, to a small town of Camarthen, where the final battle was to be had. And what a battle it was! I should know, I was there! In the capacity of a reporter, of course. I fought because I didn't feel I had a choice anyway. Dead if I did and dead if I didn't. Turns out not dead at all.

The battle was fierce. Dark wizards and Dementors and Inferi were abound, and I thought I may have seen a giant or two. He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named* however, was nowhere to be seen. Apparently he was finishing his little death spell to do in the lot of us. Harry Potter was not seen in the battle either, having somehow entered the underground compound where You-Know-Who* resided. However, the forces of good fought valiantly, and with nothing to lose, they put the enemies on their heels. Then we saw the clouds move and strike the compound with the death spell until spent, they disappeared.

With the clouds gone and their intended targets still alive, most of what remained of the evil forces lost spirit. Dementors fled and their dispersion was immediate. Inferi were destroyed easily by the Aurors and Dementors that couldn't flee were disabled. The fight was over.

The remains of You-Know-Who were found in the lowest portion of the underground layer, along with the Boy-Who-Lived, who at first seemed to have been done in as well, but after some palavering from a few of his schoolmates, who also were at the battle, he awakened, bloody, bruised, beaten but alive.

At the end of the battle I had enough mind to ask people for what they thought, being alive and all.

Luna Lovegood, a Hogwarts student didn't seem at all surprised by the entire affair. "Well Harry Potter's the One, isn't he? So it's no surprise he was able to save us." When asked what exactly 'the One' was, her father, Quibbler Editor-in-Chief Anderson Lovegood had this to say,

"What my daughter is trying to explain is that Harry Potter has a link to a magic that goes back to ancient times called The Matrix, and it's because he's able to tap into this power subconsciously that he was able to defeat You-Know-Who at the end of all things, beca-"

There's no real point in continuing to write what Mr. Lovegood went on about. Read all about it in The Quibbler.**

Another Ravenclaw, Sylvie Fawcett, had things to say. Unfortunately none of it was fit to print.

All in all the sentiment was one of enormous relief and thankfulness to all who had come to fight, and especially to one Harry Potter. But what will happen to him now? It's unknown at the time, however what we do know is that if it were not for him, the efforts of his wizard army and of our own Auror forces, the world as we know it would have been changed forever. As it is, thanks to them it has been changed. For the better!

-Reported by: Carmilla Merrythought


Reports say that You-Know-Who was literally turned to dust by the end of the secret battle. The layer he was found in was vigorously combed, by nothing that remains of him was ever found in the building. By the actions of the Death Eaters who survived the end of the battle, one would think that he was truly dead. However, we've been fooled before.

"He's dead," said Harry Potter in one of the few short sentences he gave to the press days after the event. When pressed to explain exactly how he had killed him, he said, "I didn't do anything but stand in his way. He killed himself They always do."

Remains of the petrified corpse of You-Know-Who was briefly documented for the benefit of the wizarding public, before being allowed to crumple fully into dust. The dust is currently being studied by Unspeakables. Preliminary examinations have shown the dust to be indeed, very regular.

There has been much made about efforts to have the remains destroyed, no matter how regular they are, and an equal cry from the researching community to keep the remains for study. However, it would look like Minister Scrimgeour is not one to take chances.

"I will oversee the destruction of the remains myself," he told me when asked about them. "Some things should be preserved for prosperity, and some things we can all obviously do without."

-Reported By: Dagon Ragnar


Apparently they've been all around us.

Since the start of the First War, there have been rumours of wizards involved in fighting Dark Wizards with Dumbledore in an organised capacity, separate from those of the Minstry of Magic. Some might call that a secret militia, a vigilante gang. Others might call them heroes. It wouldn't be the first time the late Albus Dumbledore was implicated in creating a secret group. "Dumbledore's Army" was a secret group reportedly created by Dumbledore and disbanded by then Headmistress Dolores Umbridge.

Wizards and witches (and even rumours of Squibs, Muggles and creatures) of all ages and occupations were involved. From teachers to Aurors, they were responsible for some of the strongest victories in both the First and Second War, and were first to the scenes of many battles.

What motivated these people to do what they did? Was it an inherent distrust in the Ministry? Was Albus Dumbledore secretly making plans for a coup d'etat after the fall of Voldemort? Does it have ties further into wizarding history; as another offshoot of the Order of Merlin?

Many wizards who were reported to be part of Harry Potter's army were approached and questioned about a possible connection to this Order of the Pheonix. We received many "no comments", knowing smiles and winks and waves and all sorts of friendly and not-so-friendly gestures.

When approached, The Boy Who Lived himself said, "Albus Dumbledore was my friend, and I'm proud to say I was involved in whatever he was."

Care of Magical Creatures Professor, Rubeus Hagris, remarked, (cleaned up) "I don't really have anything to say about any Order of the Phoenix except that we worked hard for everyone, so if we do exist you should probably thank us and Dumbledore. If we exist."

Whether the Ministry knows for sure about the members of this Order is unknown, as is whether there will be any claims of illegality of the activity of this group. One thing is for sure, the events of June 11th would not have been possible without the efforts of this eclectic group if people, whoever they are.

-Ishtar Yoxhall

Greta's Goodies Catering Service is offering free pastries for the next two weeks in celebration of the fall of You-Know-Who!!* Contact Greta's Goodies Catering Service in Diagon Alley for details!!


Many went to fight, and many where injured to varying degrees. Our own Penelope Clearwater was hit with a torso reversing hex that left her legs pointing the other way on her body. She's recovering peacefully in St. Mungo's.

Other casualties of note include Aurors Dawlish (In stable condition in St. Mungos) and Savage who received a few burns. Auror Shacklebolt suffered burns and a nasty cut on his face that is being worked on. Ex-Auror Alastor Moody, tragically, lost an arm in the battle. His remark to me was "Now I can proudly say these bloody wars cost me an arm and a leg!"

Part-time curmudgeon Ephias Doge was found to suffer a great amount of burns as well, but he is recovering in St. Mungo's. His hat, however, could not be saved.

Many who fought were also Hogwarts students. Though quite a few were injured, including Head Boy Anthony Goldtein who suffered from many bruises and contusions and a broken back, all are recovering or have recovered nicely.

Death Eaters suffered massive casualties in the battle. Rudolphus Lestrange shared the fate of his brother, who mysteriously died in prison, by being killed by his own curse. Neville Longbottom was reported to be close to the scene when it happened, though it is not known if he was responsible.

Roberto Casal, who as we all remember was defendant in Ministry's case against him for crimes perpetuated in London, was found to have burned to death, again reportedly by his own spell. It is reported that members of the Fawcett family were in that area at the time, and an investigation is closing. Reports say it's being listed as a death in the heat of battle occurrence.

Fenrir Greyback, known as the most feared werewolf in existence, is now in the custody of Department of Magical Law Enforcement and is recuperating from injuries inflicted in the battle.

Bellatrix Lestrange suffered the Dementor's Kiss during the heat of the battle, and is now resting in St. Mungo's. It is reported that she became pregnant before the battle, and her body is being kept alive so that the child may grow to be be delivered. Andromeda Tonks and Narcissa Malfoy have already started court proceedings in order to see who will adopt the child once born. Once done, the Ministry has indicated that she will be returned to prison to live out the rest of her days, which won't be long. Those who have suffered the Kiss do not live for many years after.

Peter Pettigrew is recovering in prison after a violent splinching during the battle.

Other Death Eaters of note killed or captured during the battle include Augustus Rookwood (Killed), Amycus Carrows (Killed), Alecto Carrows (Captured), Julian Mulciber (Captured). In total the Death Eater forces are decimated, and most known Death Eaters were either killed, incapacitated or captured during the battle.

-Healer Beasley also acts as St. Mungo's correspondent for the Daily Prophet.


It was a close vote, but by an 10-2 margin, the Board of Governors voted to re-open it's doors and resume regular school activity.

"Oh I'm very excited," said Charms professor Filius Flitwick after being told the news. "Wonderful, wonderful! I'm sure all the students will be thrilled!"

Though it doesn't reopen for everyone. Sources say that two of the Defense Against the Dark Arts Professors, Mistress Aja and Marshall Trimble, will not be returning to finish the term. The remainder of the course work is reported to be handled by the remaining Professor Takeshi.

"Well there isn't any reason to keep it closed now, is there?" said Headmistress McGonagall when approached. "I expect everyone to have enjoyed their days off and expect to get into the thick of things once Sunday approaches."

Indeed, the school year resumes on Sunday, June 19th.


Ten arrests were made today in the light of a conspiracy plot uncovered by the Ministry of Magic's Defense Department. The plot was brought to light by son of late Death Eater Myrddin Nott, Theodore Nott. He himself was arrested early Saturday morning at his home for his own implication in the plot. When pressed for answers during his arrest, the arresting officer, Auror Waters, told us in no uncertain terms to back away. Which we did.

Draco Malfoy, who was also implicated in the plot, is still nowhere to be found. Sources say he's fled the country.

Sally-Anne Perks, who was reported to have been killed during the fall of Azkaban, is now reported to be alive and well and back in the custody of the Ministry of Magic's Defense Department. Sources say she fought alongside the Aurors during the final battle, and many have been witnessing in her favour before the Wizengamot. Sources say that her sentence, if any, will be negligible.

Rita Skeeter is recovering in St. Mungo's after a bout of what she calls, a violent violation of her mind, by which she means being put under the Imperius Curse by Julian Mulciber. She is also in the works to sell her courageous story for wireless dramas.


Just one birth to report on June 11. Narcissa Malfoy gave birth to a healthy baby boy. Baby Leo Robert Malfoy will likely help fill the void in a shockingly empty household.

Official Celebrations

Aside from the ongoing celebrations in Diagon Alley and Hogsmeade, the Ministry, in conjunction with the Muggle Ministry, is working on an official celebration to take place in London. Details to follow.

- Reported by Tanith Hayward

Stay tuned to the Daily Prophet: The news you need to know to stay informed!

*In spite of the wonderful news, the Daily Prophet would rather not tempt fate by using anything other than these terms for...that person.

**Do not read the Quibbler for further news.

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