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just a short rp!

Who: Sally-Anne, Hestia, some NPCs
When: we'll make it erm...Sunday morning then (will fix if the timing ain't cool! hee!)
Where: some undisclosed location...might as well maintain that air of mystery Snape has always had, ya know! ;P
Why: just tying up some more loose ends

She got up that morning early for the sole purpose of heading to the Ministry, her intent being to fetch one person, and that one person happened to be none other than Sally-Anne Perks. After the final battle, the authorities wasted no time in taking all suspicious characters, new and old, into custody, and the girl was among them. Yet with everyone wrapping up unfinished business during these last few days, Hestia figured that perhaps Sally-Anne might like an opportunity to tie up a few loose ends of her own. That way, everyone would be able to move on with their lives.

And so she was greeted with a bit of suspicion at her request, although she was finally granted permission by the Defense Department on the one condition that the girl was supervised...which was how Kingsley Shacklebolt found himself at the gravesite. On one side of him stood one sombre Hestia Jones, her face tired and careworn, her hands tucked into the pockets of her robes. To his other side was Sally-Anne, whom he watched carefully, but also took care to allow the girl as much privacy as he could give to her...
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