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Hogwarts, Hogwarts, Hoggy Warty Hogwarts, Teach us something, please

The Leaving Feast was over, the speeches were said and students were now milling about on Hogwarts grounds, some already on the walk to Hogsmeade and the Hogwarts Express that would take them home. For the vast majority of the students, it was simply the end to another year. But for the class of 1998 it was the end of what was perhaps the most important part of their lives to date. Hogwarts was more than a school. It was a refuge, it was a place of bonding and friendship. It was a home, and now most of these students would scarcely enter it's halls ever again.

However, what Hogwarts takes from the student in terms of respect, effort, time, sweat and tears, it also gives, and it gives completely. Experience. Knowledge. Kinship. The very essence of magic. These students and this graduating class would take Hogwarts with them, for good or ill, for the rest of their days. That was the power of these old grounds, what was created by four friends over 1000 years ago: this eternal magic of the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

And while that flighty temptress adventure awaited the students on their return, she would not avoid the graduating class. Indeed, they all knew that though their time at Hogwarts was over, their lives, the life of a witch or a wizard, would be far from pedestrian.

The black lake reflected the sun's bright rays as students took over the Hogwarts grounds on their way home, to say their good-byes and good lucks.
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Who: Everybody! (well, unless you're dead or in prison or on the lam, I suppose - but not just students!)
When: Tuesday, July 7, 1998
Where: Out on the lawn, Hogwarts, Scotland
Why: To celebrate! (and make some money for the War victims)

I look around the clearing outside where everything's been set up with a small smile of satisfaction curling my lips. After all that stress, after our plans being disrupted because we all thought we were going to die, despite OWLs (which I hope, despite everything, I still managed to pass, at least, even if my marks aren't stellar), we still managed to get this off the ground. That takes some talent, I think.

First is the booth where Hagrid is standing, ready to take tours into the Forbidden Forest, and closer to the Pitch is the booth where you can sign up for the All-Star Quidditch matches (or simply pay your sickles to watch, if you haven't bought the one galleon for everything deal). Over on the other side of the clearing, closer to the castle, I see where the Kissing Booth is set up, and I see that at least Sylvie Fawcett is already sitting there (Lavender or Charlotte or Wayne may be, too, but I can't quite tell from where I'm standing at the moment), as well as the booth where the food (some of it homemade, some of it provided by the house-elves because we simply didn't have the time, nyah, Hermione!). There's a set up near the lake for the Merfolk concerts (there are three planned for various intervals today) and the booth where you can flash your wristband or give your ticket for the boat tour on the lake.

Then here in the middle of it all, where I'm standing at the moment, the carousel Lily's grandma managed to procure for us, what I feel is the tour de force.

Being one of those people that always does things fairly, I paid my galleon for an all day wristband already, though at the moment I'm still too busy looking at everything and making sure that it at least starts smoothly before having my own fun.

Notes to self: make sure Hermione doesn't find out about the house-elf food, try to get the concerts started on time, make sure the people at the Kissing Booth don't kill each other. Yup.
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