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[Who: Harry Potter, Ministry Officials, Order of the Phoenix, anyone else]
[Where: Ministry of Magic]
[When: About 10-20 minutes after the Order meeting]

Getting to see the Minister of Magic was trickier than Harry thought it would be, especially considering how the man had been bothering Harry ever since he was elected into office. But Hermione explained that he wouldn't be too receptive; this apocalypse was happening on his watch, and Fudge wasn't around to kick anymore. The press, individuals seeking answers, groups, they'd been bothering the Minister day and night since the first storm. So when Harry entered the building, he found security extremely tight, and menacing looking Aurors glaring at him. Lucky for Harry, he had a couple of menacing-looking Aurors on his side.

"All right, but not all these people," Proudfoot said, waving at the group gathered behind Harry. "Kingsley and Moody, that's all, Potter. I'm warning you, the Minister's in a bit of a mood." Proudfoot looked tired too. Dealing with fires, metaphorical and literal, that were raging ever since Voldemort's announcement must have been exhausting.

"Er..thanks," Harry said. He wanted to be an Auror most of all, so he wanted to show some respect. So Harry, Kingsley and Moody went into the lift with Dawlish and Proudfoot, up to Level One.

As Proudfoot had warned, the Minister was not in a talking mood. Not even to talk with Harry Potter. But when Harry said the magic words, he suddenly had his full attention.

"You know where he is?" Scrimgeour said, standing.

"That's what I said," grumbled Harry. He caught the man's look and sped on, "I found out through the connection I have with him... sort of... well it's not through my scar but that's the best way to describe it, and I'm a Secret Keeper for his location too now. And this is the best time to get at him, because he can't move because he's making the storm!"

Scrimgeour stroked at his beard. "And how were you able to do this now, and not earlier?" he asked, suspiciously.

"Ah..well... it turns out Sn- Severus Snape wasn't a Death Eater after-all. He was a spy. He's an excellent Legilimens so, he helped me use my connection to find out."

"Oh really? Where is he, then? Let me talk to him."

Harry adjusted the glasses on his nose. "You can't. He's dead. He died escaping Voldemort."

Scrimgeour's wince at the mention of that name was barely noticeable. "You say he was spying? For whom?"

Harry gulped. Well it looked like this was the time for it all to come out. "Albus Dumbledore."

"What? You expect me to believe that Snape was working for Dumbledore in more than just a capacity of an Hogwarts employee?"

"Not just Snape, sir," Harry said, and he quickly explained the Order of the Phoenix. To Scrimgeour's credit, he didn't seem too surprised at the idea that Dumbledore had basically formed a secret militia under the Ministry's nose, he seemed to have expected that much. Some of who were in it was, however, a bit of a surprise.

"You, Shacklebolt? I thought your investigation into Black was funny. Extremely thorough, and yet it never wielded results. An anomaly for you, Shacklebolt. I should have known. And you, Alastor? Unbelievable." Scrimgeour did not look pleased. "And Tonks too? Soliciting for members in my office... unbelievable."

"Sir, I'm not going to apologise for what I've done. If I need to resign, then I will. Dumbledore had a vision, and while I was loyal to the Ministry, I was also loyal to this vision. More so." Kingsley said, standing straight and tall with his hands behind his back.

Moody waved at Scrimgeour with his cane. "Now's not the time to feel sorry for yourself, Rufus! Listen to what the boy's telling you. We've got a chance to put an end to Voldemort once and for all. Don't you want that? Don't you want to be known as the Minister who helped bring an end to You-Know-Who and brought about a time when people weren't afraid of saying his bloody name!? Don't you want to be known as the Minister who at least tried!?"

Moody's words cut deep. Scrimgeour turned to the window, charmed by Magical Maintanence to reflect the darkness and green flashes from the outside, at Rufus' request. He didn't want anyone in the Ministry to pretend that this wasn't happening. He glowered and rubbed at his beard again.

"You'll tell me where he is, and I'll lead them myself."

"No," Harry said, sharply and clearly. Rufus turned on him, and even Kingsley and Moody looked surprise. "If you want to be in charge of the Aurors, that's fine, but you're with me. You're not leading me." It may had seemed selfish or petty, especially if it queered the deal, but Harry had been put through too much just to follow someone in to battle. "Please. I need your help."

The two men, generations apart, stared at each other, each aware that the passing moments were more and more precious. Finally, Scrimgeour turned to Proudfoot and Dawlish.

"Get everyone that's available," he said quietly. "Tell them we'll be moving immediately."

Harry breathed a sigh of relief as Dawlish and Proudfoot almost seemed to vanish on the spot. Scrimgeour appeared at Harry's side, moving more quickly than a man with a limp should have. Harry couldn't even compare to wizards like this, and he was still expected to do something about Voldemort?

"Well then, Potter," Scrimgeour said, with a hint of a smile. "Let's go see this army of yours."
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I don't know what kind of army the Minister might be expecting. There are more people than I expected, though, as I come out of the Floo I take to work each morning and join the ever growing group in the lobby. I don't know if it's enough to make a difference, but it is a bit heartwarming to see that there are others who are willing to give it a try, for themselves and those they love. Even Sylvie Fawcett's here, I make note as I see the younger Ravenclaw arrive with what looks like half of her family.

Spotting Penelope Clearwater on the other side of the lobby, I head over to her, glad to see another Order member. It's a bit comforting, seeing the people who have been planning to fight You-Know-Who amongst all those who are simply here for this one time.

And now there's nothing we can do but wait.
Ron made his way through the crowd toward Marietta. He was happy to see her. While he was glad for all the support that was arriving, he was more worried about the safety of his friends. It left his mind torn. The recent events hadn't helped his demeanor.

"You... you ready?" he said, his voice thin.
I actually startle to hear Ron. Focused on heading over to Penelope, I hadn't seen him, but now I turn to look at him.

"I don't know, to be honest," I say quietly, "I doesn't matter so much if I'm ready or not, because I might never be. It's going and doing that's important now."

I bite my lip before allowing the question that's actually been on my mind come out. "Do you think there's actually a chance or are we just speeding up our own deaths?"
Hestia was standing beside Hart a little bit aways from the group, and the two of them were talking in hushed tones. Whatever it was they discussed was not heard by the others, and that was the way they wanted it to be. Neither of them knew if this was going to end for better or for worse, after all, and both were just exchanging a word or two in private, should this be the last time they would ever talk to one another again. Hart looked at his wife intently as she spoke, nodding slowly, and promptly he kissed his wife's brow, managing a little smile all the while.

In time they wandered back over to where the assembled group stood. She smiled at Marietta and Ron. "There's always a chance, Marietta," she reassured her. "And don't you forget it."
Tonks opted to stay down in the lobby instead of arguing to go up with Harry, Kingsley and Moody. It was for the better anyway, she didn't want the Minister to see her in this state anyway. She saw Penelope and Marietta and waved at them and went over to Hestia.

"That's right," she said, smiling at Hestia. "And anyway, I'd rather die like this than just waiting at home."
Maybe it's different when you have nothing to lose. Gah, things are so complicated. So I merely nod at what Tonks says, and grab a loose curl and start twisting it around my index finger in my age old nervous habit.

"I know I'm not going down without a fight," Penelope offers, her lips set in grim determination.
"So... this is it?"

Rufus Scrimgeour stood side by side with the Chosen One, Harry Potter, as they stepped out of the lift and looked at those who had gathered in the lobby. Though Scrimgeour didn't look the least bit impressed, Harry was gladdened by the amount that had shown up- a lot from the DA too! This must've been Hermione's doing.

"These are some of the best wizards that I know," Harry said. "And the others? They're young, but they're better trained than most regular adults. I've seen to that. And everyone's fighting for keeps this time. They won't let us down."

The Minister scoffed. "I'm not so sure about that. Just don't look for my forces to keep yours alive."

"Ours," Harry corrected, arms crossed. A part of him was enjoying this, playing general with a man as experienced as Scrimgeour. A small part. The rest of him was scared to death.

Red-robed wizards were just entering the atrium now, not as much as Harry expected, but with the riots and the craziness, he figured this was right. He opened his mouth, but Scrimgeour beat him to the punch.

"Aurors, get your brooms and stand ready. We'll be going first to Carmarthen, so get the Destination in your heads and get ready to move!"

Magically enhanced voice right next to Harry's ear. Nice. Harry winced and threw a dirty look at the Minister, who caught it, sighed and added, "Then wait for further instructions from... the both of us."

He turned and stared at Harry, who guessed it was his turn. "Right. Uh, everyone. EVERYONE! OKAY... CAMARTHEN. IF YOU DON'T KNOW WHERE IT IS, A MAP IS BEING PASSED ARO- is a map being passed around? Right. YEAH. AND.. JUST SIDE-ALONG WITH SOMEONE WHO KNOWS WHERE. IT's IN WALES. WALES!"

There was a stunned silence for a half-a-minute, before Scrimgeour gave Harry a wired smile. "Nice," he said, shaking his head slightly, and pointing his wand to his Auror forces.


Snap, crackle and pop, Aurors were disappearing one by one. Scrimgeour was already gone. Harry looked to the others and nodded at them reassuringly.


Harry closed his eyes, thought of the town of Carmarthen, turned and vanished with a pop.
With a soft pop!, Hart was gone, quickly followed by Kingsley. Moody glanced back at the younger members of the Order, his eyes bright and his gaze as sharp as lances. At his age, one would expect to see him hobbling about. Yet now, oddly enough, there was almost a youthful bounce in his movements. Must be the thrill of battle. "Constant vigilance...all of you," he said, waving his cane at them. Suddenly they were all students in their Defense Against the Dark Arts class again. "One second could make all the difference here. Keep that in mind at all times." And with that, he too vanished, on his way to Carmarthen.

Was she ready? Yes. Was she battle-happy? Yes. Was she petrified? Heck yes. And yet...this was pretty much something she had been anticipating since she first joined the Order. The first generation of members had made their sacrifices in the first war. Now the younger among them were also following their elder's footsteps.

"Just like old times again, eh?" A wry little smile appeared on her face. Snape would have most likely sneered at her cocky attitude, while Dumbledore might have been amused...if they were there, that is...if they'd lived. Her grip tightened on her broom with renewed determination. She would be fighting to the death this time. No matter...that blasted cloud had her name written all over it anyway. "See you on the other side," she jested, giving them all a playful little salute. Without another word, she was gone.
Remus had been waiting in the lobby alongside Tonks and Hestia, his pallor a grim state since he'd watched Snape die. He remained silent as the others spoke amongst each other, his hands in his pockets as he waited for Harry's return from seeing Scrimgeour. He cast a sidelong glance to them both, worry, frustration, anticipation all bubbling just beneath his surface. He felt like it was taking forever in there.

There were red-robed figures filling the area, instructions being barked and his body went on immediate alert as he tensed and looked at people Disapparating left and right. Kingsley and Alastor were gone, followed closely by Hestia and Hart, and he looked over at Tonks, who seemed ready. Having not said anything to anyone the entire time he'd been in there, he surprisingly spoke up as he leaned into Tonks' ear briefly. "I love you," he whispered before taking a few steps back from hers, his hand having touched hers as he did so. He wanted those words to be the last thing he said to her if they ended up being the last ones, and the thought of that would carry him through this battle, as it had given him all the more reason to battle harder.

With a pop, he too disappeared with the rest.
Hermione stood off away from the large group, shivering slightly with her hands down her pants pocket. She watched Ron and Marietta talk, then Hart and Hestia and Tonks and Remus and Penelope join them. She was surprised to see so many people here, and was very proud of Harry for being able to rally the Minister... but she was still scared. She didn't know how this would turn out. It could be that they'd go, they'd fight, and Harry would die. Then they'd all die anyway. And Voldemort would laugh at them. But... if they all stayed home then they'd die for certain. At least this way there was a chance.

Harry looked at her and disappeared. Her eyes flitted over to Ron, then to the ground directly in front of her. She supposed he'd take care of himself. Well no, that wasn't right. They'd all take care of each other. Edgecombe, Penelope, Ron, Remus, Tonks, Kingsley, Moody, Hart, Hestia, Professor McGonagall, Hagrid... so many of them. Maybe they wouldn't make it, but they'd all take care of each other.

With a slow breath, Hermione squeezed her eyes shut and disappeared with a very faint crack.
Sally-Anne stood apart from the largest group as well, though adjacent to, and more isolated than Hermione. She felt that way, anyway. She'd been trying to run away from the truth downstairs when it had become quiet in the house.

The girl peeked out to see everyone leaving, popping away, and she was lucky to overhear where they were going... and what they were doing.

Snape was the final straw. Sally-Anne knew she had to come along and fight too, even if just for vengeance. So she'd tagged along. And while she was nervous about showing up at the Ministry with her history, everyone obviously had bigger things to worry about.

So now it was down to the wire. People were disapparating. This was really the final battle. Sally-Anne took a deep breath, readying herself, when she spotted her best friend and her family. The girl made it over to them swiftly, before Sylvie could leave too.

"Hey!" She stopped in front of the taller girl.

"We're finally on the same side again," she smiled weakly. "Good luck."
My face can't help but break into a grin when I see my best friend. I had seriously thought that I never was going to see her again, and now...

"That can only be a good thing. Et oui, bonne chance."

Once she Disapparates, I feel a tap on my shoulder and turn to my brother, Claude.

"No, she's not dead after all," I begin, assuming that's what he's going for.

"Just want to know if you're ready, Syl," he replies.

"Oh. ready as I can be. Maybe he'll be there, oui, and I can finally..." I trail off.

"I'm ready."

And with several pops, we all head towards Carmarthen.
Seeing everyone Apparate away make my stomach clench again. I do have my licence, but the thought of Apparating now makes my knees shake. There's too much stress and I know that if I attempt it now, I'll more than likely splinch. As I see Penelope Clearwater disappear with the rest of them, I spot my best friend across the room.

"Cho!" I call, happy to see her...well, one last time at least, "Are you going? Could I possibly side-along with you?"

Heh, she obviously knows why I'm asking, and why she so easily agrees. After all, she was always much better at Apparition than I was.

So, with that, the two of us finally go to join the rest in Wales.