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[Who: Harry Potter, Ministry Officials, Order of the Phoenix, anyone else]
[Where: Ministry of Magic]
[When: About 10-20 minutes after the Order meeting]

Getting to see the Minister of Magic was trickier than Harry thought it would be, especially considering how the man had been bothering Harry ever since he was elected into office. But Hermione explained that he wouldn't be too receptive; this apocalypse was happening on his watch, and Fudge wasn't around to kick anymore. The press, individuals seeking answers, groups, they'd been bothering the Minister day and night since the first storm. So when Harry entered the building, he found security extremely tight, and menacing looking Aurors glaring at him. Lucky for Harry, he had a couple of menacing-looking Aurors on his side.

"All right, but not all these people," Proudfoot said, waving at the group gathered behind Harry. "Kingsley and Moody, that's all, Potter. I'm warning you, the Minister's in a bit of a mood." Proudfoot looked tired too. Dealing with fires, metaphorical and literal, that were raging ever since Voldemort's announcement must have been exhausting.

"Er..thanks," Harry said. He wanted to be an Auror most of all, so he wanted to show some respect. So Harry, Kingsley and Moody went into the lift with Dawlish and Proudfoot, up to Level One.

As Proudfoot had warned, the Minister was not in a talking mood. Not even to talk with Harry Potter. But when Harry said the magic words, he suddenly had his full attention.

"You know where he is?" Scrimgeour said, standing.

"That's what I said," grumbled Harry. He caught the man's look and sped on, "I found out through the connection I have with him... sort of... well it's not through my scar but that's the best way to describe it, and I'm a Secret Keeper for his location too now. And this is the best time to get at him, because he can't move because he's making the storm!"

Scrimgeour stroked at his beard. "And how were you able to do this now, and not earlier?" he asked, suspiciously.

"Ah..well... it turns out Sn- Severus Snape wasn't a Death Eater after-all. He was a spy. He's an excellent Legilimens so, he helped me use my connection to find out."

"Oh really? Where is he, then? Let me talk to him."

Harry adjusted the glasses on his nose. "You can't. He's dead. He died escaping Voldemort."

Scrimgeour's wince at the mention of that name was barely noticeable. "You say he was spying? For whom?"

Harry gulped. Well it looked like this was the time for it all to come out. "Albus Dumbledore."

"What? You expect me to believe that Snape was working for Dumbledore in more than just a capacity of an Hogwarts employee?"

"Not just Snape, sir," Harry said, and he quickly explained the Order of the Phoenix. To Scrimgeour's credit, he didn't seem too surprised at the idea that Dumbledore had basically formed a secret militia under the Ministry's nose, he seemed to have expected that much. Some of who were in it was, however, a bit of a surprise.

"You, Shacklebolt? I thought your investigation into Black was funny. Extremely thorough, and yet it never wielded results. An anomaly for you, Shacklebolt. I should have known. And you, Alastor? Unbelievable." Scrimgeour did not look pleased. "And Tonks too? Soliciting for members in my office... unbelievable."

"Sir, I'm not going to apologise for what I've done. If I need to resign, then I will. Dumbledore had a vision, and while I was loyal to the Ministry, I was also loyal to this vision. More so." Kingsley said, standing straight and tall with his hands behind his back.

Moody waved at Scrimgeour with his cane. "Now's not the time to feel sorry for yourself, Rufus! Listen to what the boy's telling you. We've got a chance to put an end to Voldemort once and for all. Don't you want that? Don't you want to be known as the Minister who helped bring an end to You-Know-Who and brought about a time when people weren't afraid of saying his bloody name!? Don't you want to be known as the Minister who at least tried!?"

Moody's words cut deep. Scrimgeour turned to the window, charmed by Magical Maintanence to reflect the darkness and green flashes from the outside, at Rufus' request. He didn't want anyone in the Ministry to pretend that this wasn't happening. He glowered and rubbed at his beard again.

"You'll tell me where he is, and I'll lead them myself."

"No," Harry said, sharply and clearly. Rufus turned on him, and even Kingsley and Moody looked surprise. "If you want to be in charge of the Aurors, that's fine, but you're with me. You're not leading me." It may had seemed selfish or petty, especially if it queered the deal, but Harry had been put through too much just to follow someone in to battle. "Please. I need your help."

The two men, generations apart, stared at each other, each aware that the passing moments were more and more precious. Finally, Scrimgeour turned to Proudfoot and Dawlish.

"Get everyone that's available," he said quietly. "Tell them we'll be moving immediately."

Harry breathed a sigh of relief as Dawlish and Proudfoot almost seemed to vanish on the spot. Scrimgeour appeared at Harry's side, moving more quickly than a man with a limp should have. Harry couldn't even compare to wizards like this, and he was still expected to do something about Voldemort?

"Well then, Potter," Scrimgeour said, with a hint of a smile. "Let's go see this army of yours."
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