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Magic Life

A Harry Potter Roleplay

Magic is Life: A Harry Potter Role Play
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As of March 12, 2006, magic_life is officially closed, but we're not completely gone! Come see our post-Half-Blood Prince version at magic_war. Thanks for stopping by!

magic_life is officially partially AU as of July 16, 2005. What we're incorporating from Half Blood Prince may be found here (Spoilers within!).

In 1996, the Wizarding World was stunned by the news of the evil Lord Voldemort’s return. But it's not all doom and gloom. The Order of the Phoenix, with their duties lightened by the influx of active Aurors, is recovering slowly from the tragic loss of Sirius Black. The majority of Voldemort's Inner Circle have been imprisoned, and the illustrious Lucius Malfoy himself is now on the run. With his army in shambles, Voldemort was, for a brief period of time, keeping mysteriously silent. Not a word of him was heard during the Summer, nor was the Dark Mark seen in the skies.

But now things, as they are apt to do, have changed. Voldemort is silent no longer, and nowhere is safe. Even Hogwarts is at risk, thanks to a mysterious new student named Tom Hilezkor...

It's a new year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the War has begun in earnest.

But for the students at Hogwarts, even Harry Potter, the Boy-Who-Lived, life must carry on as normal-- relationships will flourish and die, alliances will be forged and broken, and deep-rooted prejudices will grow stronger by the day. Hogwarts is considered a safe haven, a place where children can remain just that-- children-- whilst learning the skills that will prepare them for the world that awaits.

After all, whoever said that a War should stop children learning and growing up naturally has obviously never met Albus Dumbledore...

Welcome to Magic Life, a roleplay currently two years after Order of the Phoenix, Harry's 7th year here. (1997-1998)

Anyone is free to join, we only ask that you keep your canon characters in canon. However, individual interpretation is allowed, as everyone makes their character unique to them. :) It's not restricted to humans though - we've had ghosts, cats and the Squid with journals, after all. ;D If you are unsure, however, please ask first.

Sign up for the character you want on the List of Characters post

[x] Every person played has either purchased or stole these new Wizarding Journals. These are books that can be carried around and written either by hand or by a Quotes Quill. They act like regular diaries, except that they can be Warded or Hexed as Private to certain people, and others can comment in these diaries as they see fit. These Journals are your characters LJ Journals.

If you've never RPed across LJ, here are the basic rules:

[x] We post RP's and RP Instant Messaging logs here at magic_life. All RP's go over the same format: Place, Characters and a Rating. These can be in 3rd or 1st person, it doesn't matter. :)

[x] We post in our journal to show what we did that day. These are done in 1st person.

[x] You can put "Warded Against..." and those people cannot read and comment IC. You can put "Private to ..." and only those people can read and comment IC.

[x] If your character has some really personal thoughts to put down, just put "Warded against everyone" or "Private". This should be obvious, but don't actually make them private entries, because other people might want to read it OOC.

[x] If someone crosses something out (like this), then your character just sees a scribble. Obviously you can read it OOC, but IC you have to act like you can't read it.

[x] These journals are charmed so that you can see everyone else's entries (unless they're warded or private). So you can read everyone's journals and comment if you want to, despite them being in a different place.

[x] Note: due to the game starting May 1st, we are playing four months ahead. So in magic_life-verse, January=May, February=June, March=July etc. It can be a little confusing at first, but you'll easily get into the swing of things!

Now for the fun part: The rules.

1. If you want to be a canon character, you have to stay in canon! Characters staying in canon is essential for plotlines. If you don't think you can manage this, there are plenty of smaller characters that have almost no canon history other than names you can play.

2. When you apply, please post a little introductory post with this information:

Name (of character):
Sample Journal Entry:

It would be helpful if you put this in the bio of your character, so that people can see at a glance the year, House, etc. (Obviously if you are not a student, year should not apply, but if you went to Hogwarts you can still put the House you were in.)

3. You should make a new LJ account to roleplay with.

4. 4-5 characters per player max. You don't have to play that many of course, you can stick with 1. That's great. :D Also, please no character switching. Take a character and keep with him/her.

5. If you're not good at creating your own icons, there are plenty of people here who I'm sure wouldn't mind doing a few for you. Just post a comment here asking for one. :) If you have an original character, it would be helpful to know what they look like. Your icons or PBs should look like their characters would. Britney Spears does not a Hermione make!

6. Be polite! No flaming please, or picking arguments - unless it's IC and/or part of a plot.

7. Posts should be kept PG-13. Anything R-rated should go behind a lj-cut with a warning. (If you don't know how to do a lj-cut, see the FAQ.). NC-17 is not allowed, thanks.

8. If you want to play a canon character that is related to, or affects a character already in the RP, please IM them, or talk to them first! If you don't have AIM, comment on their journal explaining who you want to be.

9. People who are playing must post at least once every two weeks. Most RP's have people posting that or at least once a week, so we think it's fair. This is so characters that aren't being played anymore can be freed for others who might want to play them. It's no biggie folks, all we ask is at least one line or sentence, that's all.

Those who don't post for a week will be alerted and after two weeks we'll have to free your character up. If you can't post for some reason, just let us know and there'll be no worries. ^^

10. Mods need to be given fair warning of any character death (at least 24 hours in advance) and and major plots that could possibly affect events like Quidditch games or Hogsmeade weekends should be run by the mods, too. This especially goes for those playing major, canon characters.

Lavender Brown - pale_violet
Hermione Granger - mugglecharm
Parvati Patil - giggling_girl
Harry Potter - harry_4_ever
Dean Thomas - deceased (backstory at artsy_dean)
Ginny Weasley - fiery_ginevra
Ron Weasley - magic_ron
OC Lily Grey - stargazer_lily_

Daphne Greengrass - deceased
Draco Malfoy - ml_draco
Theodore Nott - theodorous
Pansy Parkinson - puggy_pansy
Sally-Anne Perks - perks_not_jerks

Sylvie Fawcett - sylvie_fawcett
Anthony Goldstein - thinkerskeeper (NPC)
Su Li - _su
Padma Patil - padma_claw
OC Stacey Fairchild - sunny_lil_stace

Susan Bones - hufflebones
Wayne Hopkins - seer_wayne
Eloise Midgen - _smidgen

Severus Snape - magic_severus
OC Hart Dillingham (Muggle Studies) - hartdillingham

Death Eaters:
Bob Casal - bobcasal
Bellatrix Lestrange - toujoursnoir
Lord Voldemort - voldie_rocks

Order of the Phoenix:
Hestia (Jones) Dillingham - helping_hestia
Albus Dumbledore - deceased (backstory at blume_odder)
Remus Lupin - loopyloonylupin
Nymphadora Tonks - clumsytonks

Other Adult Characters:
Cho Chang - human_hosepipe
Penelope Clearwater - intheclearwater
Marietta Edgecombe - sneaky_marietta
Gilderoy Lockhart- gilded_smile
Narcissa Malfoy - reinexdextueur
Percy Weasley - cauldronstorent

The Hogwarts Herald - hoggy_herald

Find more Students on our Hogwarts Master List HERE, and everyone else HERE

[x] If a character is incapacitated in the books and you want to bring him back, approve it with a mod first.

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